Bird Seeds

Bintree Bird Seeds – different mixtures to attract different species so you’ll have garden visitors throughout the year

Algy’s Farm Shop supplies a great range of seeds for your wild birds.  Varieties range from straight seeds such as Black Sunflower to seed mixes, our most popular being the high energy mix that contains a variety of seeds making it attractive to a wide range of garden birds.

Our journey towards producing our own range of birdseed mixes started in 2002.  We grew a trial area of Sunflowers, some we cut and sold for fresh flowers, the remainder we harvested and dried and then sold as birdseed and BINTREE BIRDSEEDS was born.

In the past we tried to grow a number of exotic seeds for our mixes including a small Peanut trial, but now Sunflower, Peanuts and Niger Seeds are purchased and mixed in. We grow our own Canary Seed, Millet Red and White, Maize and Wheat all of which are used in our birdseed mixes.

How You Can Buy

We offer a full range of quality feeds at affordable prices because we mix and pack on the farm.

We sell bird seeds as follows:

  • Tubs: 1kg up to 7kg size – all tubs have a return refund for empty so that we can reuse and save you money.
  • Larger sacks: 12.5kg and 20kg

We also supply:

  • Suet Products and No Net Fat Balls in economic tubs of 25 or 50

Different Mixes Attract Different Species

  • High Energy Mixed Seed – our best selling and most popular product, full of Black Sunflower Seeds, Millet and Canary Seed as well as small amounts of chipped Maize and Wheat. This mix is attractive to a wide range of species: Tits and Finches will target the Sunflower while ground feeders such as Chaffinch, Dunnocks, Robins and Black Birds will target the smaller seeds often dropped to the ground by the Sunflower feeders.
  • No Wheat Mix – has all the same seeds as the High Energy Mix but without wheat as the name suggests.  It’s great for those of you that wish to try to deter larger birds such as Pigeons or Doves
  • No Mess Mixes – where the Sunflower Seeds are replaced with Sunflower Hearts so no seed shells are discarded which can cause a mess in heavy feeding situations
  • Premium Mix or Ultimate Energy Mix – our two favourite no mess mixes
  • Special High Energy Ground Feed Mix – especially for the soft billed ground feeders, this mix is full of Raisins and Suet Pellets and is suitable for bird tables, small feeder dishes and loose ground feeding
  • Quality Poultry Layers Pellets and our own Mixed Corn – a staple feed for home poultry keepers where the mix includes 33% chipped Maize with home grown Wheat
  • Sunflower Seeds, locally grown, provide an ideal alternative to Peanuts and have the benefit of complete trace-ability. They are fantastically attractive to a wide range of common garden birds especially the Tit and Finch family.

Bird Feeders

At Algy’s Farm Shop we sell a wide range of feeders to help you attract different birds into your garden throughout the year because visiting birds bring interest and joy to you. The number and variety of birds can be influenced by the way that you provide their food.

Hanging bird feeders are an excellent way to feed seeds, peanuts and our specialist seed mixes to the more agile species such as Blue Tit, Greenfinch and House Sparrow.

We offer amazing feeders and accessories from “Jacobi Jayne” a leading supplier of quality lifetime guarantee latest generation easy clean feeders.